How Much is a Stucco Inspection?

Pricing for the Stucco Safe stucco inspection process starts at $495 and ranges with the size and complexity of the structure. Larger homes can cost $1,500 or more. Because there are so many variables in the cost of a stucco inspection, we are happy to give quick no nonsense phone estimates, just call us today!

Stucco Safe charges the minimum amount necessary to provide you with a thorough investigation by a competent, well trained inspector.

Stucco Safe frequently performs second opinion inspections. Our second opinion inspections cost the same as our original inspections. In these cases we perform our normal process which is precise, and thorough. Failures are well investigated and documented. Sometimes we confirm failures. Sometimes we confirm that the original inspector was wrong.

Stucco Safe designed our process and cost of stucco inspection to be reasonable and fair. We perform a very thorough investigation and the gravity of the results we provide is never far from our mind. We know that failures we identify (or not identify) can result in repair projects that exceed $100,000. We have many steps in our process that far exceed industry standards. We do not do this to overkill. We do this because what keeps us up at night is misidentifying a problem (or missing one), that leads to costing our customers $10s of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs unnecessarily.

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